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History of Mengeš Ski Jumping Club


"Jumping has been going on in Mengš since time immemorial," the people of Mengša and the people around them know how to say. Competitions were held already in the 1960s, when ski jumping competitions were already held on the eastern side of Gobavica - on Zaloka.


Organized activities began with the founding general assembly on July 15, 1996, when the association - Ski Jumping Club Mengeš was founded. Its founders and president Brane Šuštar, who led the club for 11 years, enthusiastically set to work. Acquiring young jumpers, providing funds, and renovating and training the jumps at the Zaloke Jumping Center was a big challenge. Will was in abundance, and young jumpers began to win their first laurels at competitions in their homeland.


After less than two years of operation, the association was marked by a tragic accident near Nakle, which took our young lives. The memory of the deceased lives on, and every year we remember the accident with a memorial match.


The accident did not take away our enthusiasm, but rather encouraged us all, as well as the local environment, to continue our work. Our competitors were successful in the Slovenian championship, and the best took part in international competitions and achieved more and more resounding results.


During the years of operation, the Zaloke jumping center completed the construction of a set of three jumping devices, equipped with ceramic skis and plastic covering, which enables us to provide year-round training for the youngest generations in our hometown. The grand opening of the two smaller jumps, sizes K15 and K20, took place in 2005, and the larger device K30 was handed over to the purpose in 2009.


Throughout the association's existence, and especially after the completion of the construction of the jumping center, the main focus is on ensuring the good and relaxed well-being of the competitors when participating in sports and encouraging sports activity and mentality. We take care of quality and professional work, and we provide the competitors with the most modern sports equipment, consistent with the level of their competitive participation.


The club is led by president Boštjan Ekart. In terms of size, we are among the medium-sized Slovenian clubs, and our successes can be compared to the largest. Two coaches take care of an average of 20 active competitors, and Aleš Selak has been the head coach since the club was founded. Our competitors come both from Mengš and the wider area; mainly from the municipalities of Kamnik, Domžale, Komenda, Trzin, Vodice and also from elsewhere. The Municipality of Mengeš has been providing us with great support throughout our operation, but the support of the local population and entrepreneurs is also important. under the title "world and Olympic champion club".


Rok Benkovič from Kamni took care of the first part of the title. On February 19, 2005, in Oberstdorf, he crowned his impressive range of results with the title of world champion on the medium apparatus. In the same year, on his 19th birthday, he flew 226 meters in Planica, setting a club and Slovenian record. The latter was taken away from him two years later by Robert Kranjec, but Benkovič still holds the club record.


Anže Lanišek Žaba from Domžal took care of the second part of the title. In January 2012, he became the first Youth Olympic champion in Innsbruck, and in the same competition he won second place with the team. More at tej connection

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