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a new vehicle for transporting eagles

how did we decide?



President, Boštjan Ekart

"This year we set ourselves a very extensive project. 

We strive to provide our competitors with the best training conditions, and as a result, the best success in competitions. Since ski jumping is also tied to training outside the home municipality, and visiting matches all over Slovenia, we are forced to buy a new van. We decided to buy a van, because we want to provide our young competitors with safe and comfortable transportation, which our competitors also enjoyed, the first in line was Rok Benkovič, who has already completed his jumper career, and active members, Anže Lanišek, member of the A national team, Taj Ekart member of the youth national team".

phone: +38641767397

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Screenshot_20230303_200901_Instagram_edited_edited.jpg mission,...

Aleš Selak, coach

For years, we have been trying to take care of children's safety. After all, this is the most important both on the ski jump and on the road. That's why we decided to restore the fleet together with you sponsors and donors. Thank you for standing by and not caring.


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Thank you!

Eagles, Orliči and Orlički

With the new vehicle, we will be safer and faster. We will continue to entertain you at small and large ski jumping competitions.

All for one and one for all!


    New van :)

    How can you help?

    You can help us with a donation or sponsorship

    TRR  SI56 0230 1026 4608 109 NLB DD

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    How will we at least "partially" repay you for your support?

    • Publication on the FB page: Mengeški Orli and SSK Mengeš,

    • Post on Instagram Ski Jumping Club Mengeš

    • Publication on our website + landing page link to your website

    • Sticker on the van (we were allowed to buy it,…

    • Thanks to FB and the Mengeš newspaper, my municipality - an article will also be published on this topic.


    If you would like some additional publication during the year, we will be happy to make it possible.

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