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this is me,...

Probably the goal is to keep your head on the same rails.
"I want to move forward in the same way. I must not go with my head through the wall. I have to go step by step, problem by problem, from jump to jump, training to training, match to match. I found that this brings me results and my head at least suffers". Source

Why did Anže get excited about ski jumping?
"My first sport was football, but when Rok Benkovič became the world champion in Oberstdorf in 2005, I decided that I would like to start ski jumping myself."

Home environment,...
"The support of my home environment means the most to me, as it calms and stabilizes me. I really like to return to the Menge ski jump, especially during preparations, when I have more time. I like being able to join younger jumpers and guide them during training. These are the moments , who make me happy. I am still in contact with my club coach Aleš Selak. He is a man I can trust, he always supports me and looks for solutions, for which I am extremely grateful.." Source:Anže Lanišek: The support of the home environment means the most to me modre novice (

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